Learning Outcomes: Human Resources and Industrial Relations, PhD

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Major in Human Resources and Industrial Relations

The purpose of the PhD in Human Resources and Industrial Relations is to train research competence (conducting and communicating research) and the writing of analytical papers of publishable quality. Toward this end, PhD courses and program milestones are designed to impart knowledge and skills that individuals may use to conduct world-class research, primarily in the academic subfields of Human Resources/Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, Economics, Psychology, and/or Sociology.

The following are intended student learning outcomes.

  1. Develop skill in writing analytic papers of publishable quality, and publishing those papers.
  2. Develop skill in publicly presenting analytical research of publishable quality.
  3. Gain foundational knowledge in Human Resources Theory and Industrial Relations Theory.
  4. Develop knowledge and skill in using statistics and research methods to conduct research and draw appropriate inferences.
  5. Gain specialized knowledge in a social science discipline (e.g., economics, psychology, sociology).