Political Science, PhD & Law, JD

for the joint degrees in Juris Doctor of Law and Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science

A joint J.D. and Ph.D. in International Relations is an option for students. Students must be admitted separately to each program as a joint degree candidate. To receive the joint J.D./Ph.D. in International Relations, students must satisfy all existing requirements for the Ph.D. in Political Science, including major and minor field course requirements, scope and methods sequence, tools, qualifying examinations, dissertation design seminar, and dissertation project. Joint degree students would be allowed to count 16 hours of law credit toward their Ph.D. Joint degree students would elect International Relations as their major area, and up to 8 hours of law school course credit would count toward this area. In addition, joint degree students will be permitted to select "Law" as their minor field, using 8 hours of law credit to satisfy minimum course requirements, provided such credit is from course outside the international law subfield (e.g., American constitutional law); this presents a new option for international relations students who otherwise would have to select American politics, comparative politics, or political theory as a minor field. This program allows an exception to the simultaneous conferral rule in that the J.D. may be conferred prior to completion of the Ph.D. degree.