Law, JD & Chemistry, MS

for the degrees of Master of Science in Chemistry and the Juris Doctorate in Law

This joint degree program of Law, JD and Chemistry, MS is not currently accepting applications; suspension of admissions effective Fall 2021

This joint degree program is intended principally for law students who desire to specialize in an area of law in which expertise in chemistry would be a clear asset. Students electing the joint degree option will select a major area of emphasis within chemistry that complements their chosen area of legal emphasis. Each student must develop and gain approval of a coherent, focused plan of study that draws upon related coursework in both law and chemistry.

The JD/MS program involves interdisciplinary work and a flexible plan of study. Students will consult with a faculty adviser in selecting courses. While enrolled in the Department of Chemistry, students have the opportunity to hold an assistantship with a tuition and service fee waiver. It is possible that joint degree students may accelerate their programs by attending summer sessions over one or more summers and thus complete the requirements for both the MS and the JD degrees in three years.

In order to enter the joint program, students must be admitted separately to both departments. Each program’s application requirements and deadlines for admission must be met.

For additional details and requirements refer to the department's Graduate Programs, the Law Program and the Graduate College Handbook.

Chemistry (may include up to 12 hours of thesis credit)32
Total Hours122

Other Requirements

Other requirements may overlap
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall 12 (8 in CHEM)
Minimum GPA: 3.0