Learning Outcomes: Teaching of Biological Science, MS

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Science in Teaching of Biological Science (online)

The Online Master of Science in Teaching of Biological Science (OMST) is designed to give practicing teachers the opportunity to earn a M.S. in teaching biological science or graduate credits in biology while living and teaching at home. Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive curriculum consisting of six Biology courses (OMST students must complete five of the six courses) and three Curriculum & Instruction courses (including a capstone project course). Through these courses we meet the needs of today’s biology teachers, giving them the tools to help their own students think like a biologist and give the tools to lead the next wave of change. The fully online format enables in-service teachers to bring the latest advances in biology and evolving pedagogy directly to the classroom.

Online Master of Science in Teaching of Biological Science Program Learning Objectives:

  1. Synthesize core knowledge in the fields of Biology and the Teaching of Biology.
  2. Apply modern Biology knowledge into the Middle School or High School science classroom.
  3. Design and implement an action research project which integrates pedagogical and science content ideas addressed in the program courses.
  4. Acquire other professional skills such as recognizing legitimate science, citation management and science communication.