Learning Outcomes: Spanish Literatures & Cultures

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Arts in Spanish, Spanish Literatures & Cultures Concentration

  1. Possess broad knowledge of a set of representative literary texts from all genres, different historical periods, and the different geographical contexts corresponding to the three major populations (Spain, U.S. Latino/a, Latin America) as it pertains to cultural production.
  2. Possess general knowledge of critical theory and the ability to engage in the analysis of written, oral or visual texts; understand the writing and research tools of their particular disciplines including discriminate use of bibliographic sources and mechanics of style for research papers.
  3. Be able to identify, analyze and discuss a text’s formal configuration (e.g., tropes, rhetorical strategies, genres) as well as its historical context.
  4. Students will acquire ability to communicate research findings in a variety of academic venues in spoken and written English and in Spanish.
  5. Students will acquire knowledge of teaching methodologies and will be able to teach at the undergraduate level.