Translation & Interpreting Studies Minor, GR

for the Graduate Minor in Translation & Interpreting Studies

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Translation & Interpreting Program Director: Joyce Tolliver

Translation & Interpreting Program Address: 4080 Foreign Languages Building

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Overview of Graduate College Admissions & Requirements

Students completing the 16-hour Graduate Minor in Translation and Interpreting Studies will have a firm grasp of the theoretical concepts and debates in the Translation and Interpreting field, as well as an exposure to the conventions of the profession and a solid basis for any further desired professional preparation. The Minor allows UIUC graduate students to choose to gain a wider understanding of the general field's practices and theories by taking elective courses in more than one area; or to develop more in-depth expertise by taking both elective courses in the same subfield. In order to enroll in the Graduate Minor, you must have completed at least six college-level semesters of study in a language other than English; or show evidence of equivalent competence.

for the Graduate Minor in Translation & Interpreting Studies

Core Requirements
TRST 410Translation and Interpreting Theory & Practice4
TRST 500Translation and Interpreting: Reflective Practice4
Elective courses approved for credit toward the Graduate Minor. One course must be at the 500-level8
German-English Translation: Theory & Practice
Spanish/English Translation
Arabic-English Translation
Machine Translation: History and Applications
Techniques in Translation
Chinese Poetry and Translation
History of Translation
Audio Visual Translation Studies
Applied Literary Translation I
Applied LiteraryTranslation II (Prerequisite: TRST 501 or consent of unit)
Computer-Assisted Translation
Commercial & Technical Translation
Translation for Professions
Community Interpreting
Conference Interpreting
Special Topics in Translation (May be applied to certificate only once.)
Total Hours16

Other Requirements

Prerequisite: At least 6 post-baccalaureate semesters of non-English language study, or equivalent competence.
Other requirements may overlap
Any TRST course may be applied to the 8 hours of elective credit. Courses not cross-listed with TRST must be approved for elective credit by the department.
Courses that are cross-listed will apply toward the minor regardless of the rubric under which the student enrolls
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall 8