Latina/Latino Studies Minor

for the Graduate Minor in Latina/Latino Studies

department chair: Jonathan X. Inda

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Graduate Degree Programs in Latina/Latino Studies

Graduate Minor in Latina/Latino Studies

The graduate minor offers a comprehensive program of study in Latina/Latino Studies research, theories and methodologies to graduate students who wish to structurally incorporate Latina/Latino Studies into their degree work. As U.S. Latina/os have become a central category of analysis in theories of ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, and class in many disciplines and fields, the graduate minor strengthens students' formal credentials and offers a versatile area of specialization. The graduate minor provides students with a theoretical and methodological foundation and a firm background in the history and culture of Latinas and Latinos in the United States from the perspective of the humanities, the social sciences, and other fields. The program will allow students to assess how historical and cultural processes affect U.S. Latina/os in contemporary society. Furthermore, the transdisciplinary and transnational nature of the program will provide students, whether or not they focus their graduate studies on Latina/o Studies, with the breadth of research and approaches taken by scholars in the field.


Applicants must be in good academic standing in a graduate or professional program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and demonstrate a proven interest and commitment in Latina/Latino Studies. Interested students must submit an application to the Department of Latina/Latino Studies and receive approval to pursue the minor from their graduate or professional program. Application materials can be obtained at the Latina/Latino Studies Department office and at the Program's website.

for the Graduate Minor in Latina/Latino Studies

Latina/Latino Studies – Graduate Minor

LLS 577Perspectives in LLS4
Two courses from approved departmental list. 8
Total Hours12

Other Requirements

Only 4 hours of credit may be cross listed with the student's disciplinary unit.