Integrative Biology, MS

for the degree of Master of Science in Integrative Biology

head of department: Carla Cáceres 

director of graduate studies: Allison O’Dwyer

director of admissions committee: Allison O’Dwyer

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The Master of Science in Integrative Biology (MS in IB) provides students with a non-thesis, course-based advanced degree program opportunity. Students in the MS program have the ability to enhance their skill sets within IB upper-level courses through our world-class educational experiences, without having to invest in a required and timely research component for the degree. Students will thus be able to graduate in one year with a degree making them more competitive for employment and future research opportunities.

This program mainly serves students who are in a gap year between undergraduate programs and either employment or future graduate-level programs. With the ability to hone skills in critical thinking, communication, laboratory practices, and scientific knowledge this program affords students the ability to make effective use out of such a year.

The MS in IB program offers advanced coursework in fields such as organismal biology, behavioral ecology, anatomy and physiology, environmental science, bioinformatics, pathology, genomics, and mathematical modeling to name just a few. With a world-class advanced degree from the University of Illinois, our students are better prepared to enter the workforce and thus have higher earning potential.

for the degree of Master of Science in Integrative Biology

The MS in IB program degree requires a minimum of two full-time semesters. Students may take up to two years to complete their degree.

See approved course list at:

For additional details and requirements refer to the MS in IB website and the Graduate College Handbook.

Core Curriculum Hours Required12-24
Career and Skill Development in Integrative Biology
At least one course from two of the following three IB disciplinary areas and one additional course with a laboratory and/or field component.
Area 1: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
Area 2: Behavior, Ecology and the Environment
Area 3: Integrative anatomy, Physiology and Molecular Biology
Elective Hours Required6-8
Courses to be chosen from the MS in IB approved list of courses below - or upon approval from the program director.
Minimum 500-level Hours Required12
Courses to be chosen from the MS in IB approved list of courses below.
Total Hours Required32

 Other Requirements: 

Minimum Hours Required Within the Unit 8
Minimum GPA 3.0
Maximum hours of IB 590 allowed to count toward the MS in IB degree 6