Learning Outcomes: Economics, MS

Learning outcomes for the Master of Science in Economics

  1. Research Skills: The main objective of the program is to train students to become independent researchers, who are able to produce high-quality research for both academic and non-academic settings. This requires students to learn how to identify interesting questions, find creative solutions, and learn how to present the results of their work to the scientific community.
  2. Analytical Skills: We want to make sure that students have all the mathematical and statistical tools necessary for their future careers. This includes a solid foundation in the core areas of Economics: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics.
  3. Problem Solving Skills: We want to teach students how to solve complex problems, by applying the technical tools that they have acquired, and by identifying and correctly using data sources.
  4. Expertise in a Student’s Field of Research: Students need to acquire a solid foundation in their chosen field of research. They should be familiar with the key past and present contributions in their area.
  5. Presentation and Writing Skills: To be successful in the program and their future career, students must successfully present their work both in seminars and in written form.