Learning Outcomes: East Asian Languages & Cultures, MA

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Arts in East Asian Languages & Cultures

  1. Learning goal in East Asian languages: Language proficiency in two East Asian languages.
  2. Learning goal in East Asian disciplines: Familiarity with a major field and at least one minor field outside of the student’s focused area to broaden students’ perspectives and ability to conduct interdisciplinary research and to teach general courses.
  3. Learning goal in East Asian periods: Understanding of both modern and pre-modern periods of East Asian societies.
  4. Learning goal in teaching preparedness: Proficiency in teaching methodologies to teach languages or to teach Gen-Ed courses.
  5. Learning goal in research: Completion of MA thesis or qualifying exams in three fields for MA students. Three qualifying exams, oral exam, and the completion of the dissertation and defense for Ph.D. students.