Learning Outcomes: Creative Writing, MFA

Learning outcomes for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

  1. Writing: Students will focus on creating works of high literary quality, honing their own distinctive personal writing styles. They will demonstrate the ability to revise drafts of their work in response to useful critical commentary. Upon completion of the program, students will understand how to create and polish individual shorter works; they will also understand how to compile and complete a book-length manuscript in the genre of their choice.
  2. Craft discussion: Students will demonstrate an advanced ability to read, analyze, and discuss published works of literature—especially contemporary literature—from a craft perspective, identifying authorial choices and evaluating the effect of those choices on the work.
  3. Literary Community and Profession: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the professional creative writing field with regards to literary journals, presses, and other iterations of the literary community, and will have participated in one or more professional activities, including editorial work on Ninth Letter, giving a public reading, attending a writers’ conference, etc.
  4. Teaching: Students will learn best practices for leading creative writing workshops and mentoring beginning writers.