Learning Outcomes: Cell & Developmental Biology, PhD

Learning Outcomes for the Doctor of Philosophy in Cell & Developmental Biology

Cell & Developmental Biology graduates will:

  1. Have mastered the foundational knowledge that defines the fields of cell and developmental biology.
  2. Be able to write clearly and effectively about cell and developmental biology at the graduate level as well as in layperson terms.
  3. Be able to explain cell and developmental biology orally to professional scientists, students of the discipline, and to a lay audience.
  4. Be prepared to teach foundational cell and developmental biology at the college level. 
  5. Be able to analyze scientific data and draw conclusions from it. 
  6. Be able to identify important unsolved problems in cell and developmental biology.
  7. Be able to articulate a hypothesis of an unsolved problem and design a research plan to test the hypothesis.
  8. Be able to perform controlled experiments to test hypotheses.
  9. Be able to organize results from experiments into a clear narrative that advances the field.
  10. Be able to articulate the significance of their research in the broader context of the field.