Game Studies Minor

for the Graduate Minor in Game Studies & Design

Contact: Lisa Bievenue, Director  PH: (217) 333-4930

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The Game Studies Graduate Minor serves students whose graduate research or professional interests intersect with the study and design of games, gaming, game design, digital narratives and storytelling, and the digital, VR/XR and AI technologies involved with the crafting of interactive systems and interfaces relevant to the game, film, education, and media industries, and a range of other emerging professions. The minor will foster critical thinking and research on the history, cultural meaning, social impact, ethics, educational uses, theoretical basis, and increasingly significant role of games, gaming, and interactive media in an inclusive and diverse society, as well as advanced methodological, computational, aesthetic, and design aspects of games broadly defined. This versatile minor is intended to offer interdisciplinary support for game-related research being done within students’ primary disciplines. Students whose work is unrelated to games will also benefit from this minor, since it offers training in and experience with cutting edge technologies and design processes as well as a critical lens through which to understand these new technologies.

for the Graduate Minor in Game Studies & Design

Required Colloquium1
Colloquium in Game Studies
Students are required to take this course only once for credit. In subsequent semesters students will be encouraged to sit in, as will affiliated Game Studies faculty from across campus. Graduate students enrolled in the Graduate Minor will be expected to return to the seminar at least once, towards the end of their program, to share their work. This transformation in role from student to speaker will serve to provide community, continuity, mentorship, and professional development for Graduate Minor degree students.
Required Seminar4
Seminar in Game Studies
Seminar in Game Design
If both courses are taken the second serves as an elective in the minor
Required Electives8
An approved elective game studies course at the 500 level
An approved elective game studies course at the 400/500 level
Minimum Total Hours13

for the Graduate Minor in Game Studies & Design

At least three Elective Graduate Courses (12 credit hours) from the following list.

CI 437Educational Game Design3 or 4
CI 439Critiques of Educational Technology3 or 4
CI 482Social Learning and Multimedia3 or 4
CI 499Issues and Development in Education (Sections "Attention Learning & Tech" and "Technology Apps for Teachers" only.)2 to 4
FAA 499Special Topics (Section "Escape Rooms as Interactive Theatre" only.)0 to 4
ART 499Special Topics in Art1 to 4
ARTD 418Advanced Interaction Design3
ARTD 451Ethics of a Designer in a Global Economy4
ARTD 499Special Topics in Design1 to 4
ARTS 444Interaction II3 or 4
ARTS 445Special Topics in New Media3 or 4
ARTS 499Special Topics in Studio Art1 to 4
DANC 451Ind Study and Special Topics (Section "Social Impact thru Arts Tech" only.)1 to 4
DANC 465Screendance3
MUS 407Elect Music Techniques I3
MUS 409Elec Music Techniques II2
MUS 499Proseminar in Music (Sections "Audio Coding with SuperCollider", "Audio Recording Techniques I", and "Critical Audio Listening for Audio Engineers" only.)0 to 4
THEA 409Stage Management Workshop3 or 4
THEA 410Dramaturgs Workshop3 or 4
THEA 411Playwrights' Workshop3
THEA 418Devising Social Issues Theatre3 or 4
THEA 426History of Decor3
THEA 427Scenic Painting I3
THEA 428Scenic Painting II3
THEA 445Costume History I3
THEA 446Costume History II3
THEA 448Costume Crafts3
THEA 453Introduction to Theatre Sound3
THEA 454Sound Design I3
THEA 455Sound Design II3
THEA 456Properties Design3
THEA 461Introduction to Media Design3 or 4
THEA 481Content Creation 1: Camera and Editing for Media Design3 or 4
THEA 482Content Creation 2: Motion Graphics & VFX for Media Design3 or 4
CS 418Interactive Computer Graphics3 or 4
CS 419Production Computer Graphics3 or 4
CS 498Special Topics (Section "Video Game Development" only.)1 to 4
GSD 403An Introduction to Top Down Video Game Design3
GSD 405Introduction to the Video Game Development Process3
GSD 409Design & Programming of Narrative Games & Simulations3 or 4
GSD 501Seminar in Game Studies (Both GSD 501 and 502 must be taken for one to count as an elective.)4
GSD 502Seminar in Game Design (Both GSD 501 and 502 must be taken for one to count as an elective.)4
GSD 590Special Topics in Game Studies & Design1 to 4
GSD 597Independent Study in Game Studies & Design1 to 4
INFO 416Makerspace: Game Studies3 or 4
INFO 418Makerspace: Escape Rooms3 or 4
INFO 490Special Topics ( Only sections: "Video Game Dev Process", "Makerspace: Game Studies", "Escape Room Design", "Design & Programming of Narrative Games", "Programming & Design of Interactive Fiction", "Musical Informatics", "Computer Music")1 to 4
IS 410Storytelling2 to 4
IS 426Museum Informatics4
IS 457Data Storytelling3 or 4
IS 490Topics in Info Foundations ( Section "Playful Design Methods" only.)2 to 4
IS 597Advanced Topics in Data Analytics & Data Science (Section "DS" Only.)2 to 4
JOUR 430Augmented and Virtual Reality3 or 4
JOUR 460Special Topics ( Section "Basic Video Production" only.)1 to 4
MACS 480Advanced Filmmaking3
MACS 481Advanced Filmmaking Studio3
MACS 485Making Video Essays3 or 4
MACS 496Advanced Media/Cinema Topics ( Sections "Collaboration in Interactive and Immersive Media" and "Advanced Media Practicum" only. )3 or 4