Statistics, MS

For the Master of Science in Statistics

For additional details and requirements refer to the department's Graduate Programs and the Graduate College Handbook.

STAT 410/MATH 464Statistics and Probability II (or equivalent proficiency [may be waived with approval])4
STAT 425Applied Regression and Design4
STAT 427Statistical Consulting (or experience in applied statistics)0-4
or STAT 593 STAT Internship
STAT 510Mathematical Statistics I4
Select one of the following:4
Analysis of Variance
Sampling and Categorical Data
Time Series Analysis
Topics in Applied Statistics
Topics in Statistics
Choose one option:20
Concentration specific requirements
Five elective courses found on the Departmental Course List tab
Total hours32-36

Other Requirements

Other Requirements may overlap
A concentration is not required.
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 12
Minimum GPA: 2.75
Statistics Departmental Course List
Analysis of Variance
Sampling and Categorical Data
Statistical Consulting
Statistical Computing
Time Series Analysis
Topics in Applied Statistics
Applied Bayesian Analysis
Basics of Statistical Learning
Stochastic Processes
Survival Analysis
Statistical Data Management
Professional Statistics
Advanced Data Analysis
Math Modeling in Life Sciences
Data Science Foundations
Mathematical Statistics II
Computational Statistics
Advanced Survival Analysis
Clinical Trials Methodology
Statistical Learning
Spatial Statistics
Machine Learning in Data Science
Theory of Probability I
Theory of Probability II
Probability and Measure I
Probability and Measure II
Applied Stochastic Processes
Multivariate Analysis
Large Sample Theory
Topics in Statistics
Hierarchical Linear Models
Covar Struct and Factor Models
Individual Study and Research
STAT Internship