Spanish, PhD

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish

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Areas of specialization offered in Spanish are:

  • Medieval
  • Early Modern
  • Modern and Contemporary Spanish (Iberian) Studies
  • Latin American colonial studies and modern and contemporary Latin American studies
  • Spanish linguistics (with various subfield specializations)
  • Romance linguistics (with various subfield specializations)

We also teach Catalan and Basque.

for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish

SPAN 571 is required of all teaching assistants4
SPAN 599Thesis Research (32 max applied toward degree)0 to 16
Coursework selected in consultation with advisor
Language Requirement: Students in all doctoral programs except SLATE must demonstrate reading proficiency in two languages besides the foreign language of specialization (not including English).
Total Hours64

Other Requirements1

Other requirements may overlap
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 16
Masters Degree Required for Admission to PhD? Yes
Qualifying Exam Required No
Preliminary Exam Required Yes
Final Exam/Dissertation Defense Required Yes
Dissertation Deposit Required Yes
Minimum GPA: 3.0