Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

Master of Engineering in Engineering with Concentration in Energy Systems


ENG 471
ENG 571
Seminar Energy & Sustain Engrg
and Theory Energy & Sustain Engrg
Professional Development (One of three options) 4
1. Practicum: ENG 572 as approved by an advisor
2. Project: ENG 573 as approved by an advisor
3. 4 credit hours of course work approved by an advisor from the Topical Breadth list or or other advisor approved course meeting the requirements for Professional Development.
Primary Field courses from an approved list12
Secondary Field courses from an approved list6
Topical Breadth course from approved list3
Electives courses – chosen in consultation with an advisor 3
Total Hours32

Other Requirements and Conditions (may overlap):1

ENG 572 or ENG 573 may be taken for variable credit up to a maximum of 8 credit hours subject to advisor approval. Additional credit hours exceeding the 4 credit hour requirement may be applied toward the Primary Field course work requirement or the Elective course work requirement.
A minimum of 16 500-level credit hours applied toward the concentration, 8 of which must be in ENG or courses in the primary field
A maximum of one 1-credit-hour course may be applied toward the minimum 16 500-level credit-hour requirement.
Minimum GPA: 3.0