Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Degree Requirements

*For additional details and requirements, please refer to the department's Graduate Studies Web site and the Graduate College Handbook.

ME or TAM course work12-20
Applied math/computational science requirement 13-4
Elective courses chosen in consultation with advisor4-8
Professional development 24-8
Total required hours32

 Choose from approved list; consult the program's website for more information.


 Choice or combination of (a) graduate-level capstone project (e.g., ME 597 Independent Study), or (b) course in leadership, entrepreneurship, or other business-related course.

A minimum of 4 elective hours must be completed outside of the major department.
A minimum of 12 500-level credit hours applied toward the degree, 8 of which must be in ME or TAM.
A maximum of 4 hours of independent study may be applied toward degree requirements.
Elective course category may include a maximum of 4 hours of special topics credit.
Professional development category may include a maximum of 4 hours of special topics credit.
The minimum program GPA is 3.0.
Requirements and conditions may overlap.

Financial Aid

Students in the Mechanical Engineering major for the M.Eng. degree are not eligible for tuition waivers through research assistantships or teaching assistantships.