Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Ph.D.

Candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy degree are required to complete a minimum of 32 graduate hours of course work beyond the bachelor's degree with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. The course work must include 16 hours of core courses, or equivalent as evaluated by the Associate Head for Mechanics in applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, and solid mechanics taken at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or elsewhere. In addition, course work is required from each of the following major areas, totaling 16 hrs: 2 courses total from applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, and solid mechanics, 1 course in mechanics of materials, and at least 1 course in either computational mechanics or experimental mechanics.

Acceptance into the doctoral program requires good academic standing and successful completion of a Qualifying Examination, which is the defense of a scholarly work, such as a master's thesis. A student must also pass an oral preliminary examination based on the proposed thesis work.

For more details of the degree requirements for both Ph.D. programs, visit the department’s Graduate Program Website.

TAM 599Thesis Research (min-max applied toward the degree)32-64
TAM 500Seminar (registration for 1 hour every term while in residence; credit does not apply toward the degree)0
Elective courses beyond core and breadth – chosen in consultation with advisor (subject to Other Requirements and Conditions below) 0-32
Total Hours96

Other Requirements and Conditions1

Other Requirements and Conditions may overlap
Credit for TAM 531 or 532, 541, 542, 551 or equivalent as evaluated by the Associate Head for Mechanics
Credit for minimum of 16 hours of TAM breadth courses from a departmental list, or equivalent as evaluated by the Associate Head for Mechanics.
A 25% or more teaching assistantship for at least one semester.
Continuous registration is required after the preliminary exam and until thesis deposit, while on campus and during semester of final defense.
MSE 492 Lab Safety Fundamentals
Ph.D. exam and dissertation requirements:
Qualifying exam2
Preliminary exam
Final exam or dissertation defense
Dissertation deposit
Minimum GPA: 3.0