Engineering: Computational Engineering, MEng

Approved lists are available on the M.Eng. in Computational Engineering website.  For additional details and requirements, please refer to the web page of the concentration's home unit and the Graduate College Handbook.


Core Courses, complete minimum one course from each of the following:16
Applied math course chosen from approved list
Computational Methods course chosen from approved list
Parallel/Ubiquitous Computing course chosen from approved list
Area of Specialization courses from approved list12
Professional development courses from approved list4
Total credit hours for the degree:32

Other Requirements and Conditions

Other requirements may overlap
A minimum of 20 credit hours must be taken from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.
A minimum of 12 500-level credit hours in the concentration, with at least 8 credit hours in the core concentration.
No courses used to fulfill any degree requirement may be tkaen using the "Credit/No Credit" option.
The minimum program GPA is 3.0.