Joint Program: Library and Information Science, MS and History, MA

This joint interdisciplinary master’s degree program includes a program of courses leading to a Master of Arts degree in History as well as a Master of Science in Library and Information Science. The joint degree program matches expertise in historical research and writing with professional education, and prepares students for professional careers in archives, libraries, museums, historical societies, corporations, and government agencies.

The joint degree program requires 56 credit hours divided between History and iSchool courses. No more than 12 hours can double count.

IS 501Information Organization and Access4
IS 502Libraries, Information and Society2 or 4
Elective IS courses, selected in consultation with an advisor who is a member of the iSchool faculty. Electives may include:20-22
Practicum (2 hours, satisfactory/unsatisfactory)
Independent Study (up to 4 hours)
HIST 593Approaches to History4
HIST 594Intro Historical Writing4
HIST coursework in one of the graduate fields of specialization offered by the department or a constructed field approved by the department, 4 of which must be at the 500-level and 4 of which must be taken as a research seminar.8
Electives selected in consultation with an advisor who is a member of the History Department. These may include up to 8 hours for thesis research (HIST 599).12
Total Hours:56

Other Requirements

Language Requirement: Students must demonstrate competency in one foreign language appropriate to the main field of study. Credit hours from language courses do not count towards the degree.
Students in the joint degree must be registered in each program for at least one semester.
Minimum GPA: 3.25