Criminal Law Concentration

Each Concentration offers a directed, optional program of study for LL.M. students in an increasingly important field of global legal practice. Each Concentration provides (1) specialized training in the Concentration field of law, (2) guidance to students in developing a program of study with the courses deemed most useful and relevant to the Concentration, and (3) a Concentration designation on their transcripts that will better allow them to market their expertise, thus gaining a competitive advantage in the legal employment market. In some instances, a Dual Concentration (i.e., in Intellectual Property and Justice, Democracy and Legal Rights) is available to eligible students. Eligible students must apply to pursue the Dual Concentration and may stay in residence an additional semester so that the 14-credit requirements of the second Concentration can be independently met. In the case of the Dual Concentration, credits used to satisfy one Concentration cannot be used to satisfy the requirements for a second Concentration. Students interested in remaining in residence for a third semester to complete their program of study must apply by the listed deadline at the start of the second semester of the LL.M. degree. The Concentrations require students to complete a minimum of fourteen credit hours in topics integral to each Concentration. Courses taken toward a Concentration will count toward the student’s LL.M. degree, and must be selected with the program advisor.

LAW 604Criminal Law4
Select at least ten hours of coursework from the courses below:10
Criminal Proc: Investigation
Constitutional Law I
Criminal Proc: Adjudication
Current Legal Problems
Advanced Litigation Topics
Adv Topics in Criminal Law
Comparative Law Topics
Total Hours14