Electrical & Computer Engineering, MS

for the Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Required Courses: Required Hours
Thesis research -- ECE 599 (min/max applied toward degree) 8
ECE Colloquium -- ECE 500 (registration for 0 hours every term while in residence) 0
Elective courses (subject to Other Requirements and Conditions below) 24
Total hours 32

Other Requirements and Conditions1

Credit in ECE 415, ECE 445, ECE 590, ECE 596, PHYS 404, PHYS 435, PHYS 436, and STAT 400 does not count toward the degree.
12 credit hours must be 500-level ECE courses other than ECE 590, ECE 596, ECE 597, and ECE 599.
No course used to fulfill any degree requirement may be taken using the "Credit/No Credit" option.
A maximum of 4 hours of ECE 597 (or other individual study) may be applied toward the elective coursework requirement.
There is no final examination for the M.S. degree.
M.S. thesis deposit
Minimum GPA: 3.0