Minor in Dance

The Graduate Minor in Dance offers physical, creative, and theoretical engagement with contemporary dance and performance. The program of study presents interested graduate students the chance to endow their major graduate degree studies with interdisciplinary ideas and presents an alternate pedagogic window into research through the body. Prospective graduate minor students will be required to have successfully completed one of the required Dance Graduate Minor courses prior to official admission to the program. In addition, they will have to be interviewed by the MFA in Dance Program Director, and they will have to provide a letter of endorsement from their home department advisor that is co-signed by their home department Graduate Program Director.

For additional information, please contact dance@illinois.edu.

DANC 510Grad Seminar/Special Topics4
DANC 541Contemporary Directions I2
or DANC 542 Contemporary Directions II
DANC 462Composition Workshop2
or DANC 562 Graduate Composition II
DANC 550Advanced Research in Dance (or additional enrollment in DANC 541, 542, 462, or 562)1 to 4
DANC 560Advanced Physical Practice1 to 4
Total Hours12
Minimum 500-level hours required overall: 10