Master of Science in Architectural Studies (Structures Concentration)

The School of Architecture offers a Structures Concentration under its MS in AS degree program. Completion of this in-depth plan of study will result in recording of Structures as a Concentration on the student's transcript under the MS in AS degree. Students interested in participating in the Structures Concentration must be admitted to the School of Architecture's MS in AS degree program; register their intent to enter the Structures Concentration with the School's Graduate Office prior to completing their first semester in their degree program and complete 27 graduate credit hours of architectural structures courses from the required courses list below. Prerequisite subjects for the Structures Concentration include the following: calculus I and II; statics and dynamics; mechanics of materials; one course in structural steel design and one course in reinforced concrete design. Students without these prerequisites may enter the Structures Concentration upon completion of their prerequisite courses.

ARCH 550Reinforced Concrete Design4
ARCH 551Structural Analysis4
ARCH 552Soil Mech and Foundations3
ARCH 553Adv Reinforced Concrete Design3
ARCH 554Adv Steel Design3
ARCH 556Advanced Structural Planning4
ARCH 560Advanced Structural Analysis3
ARCH 595Spec Prob Struct Theory & Des (Section EQ, Seismic Design)2 to 4
Total Hours27