Animal Sciences, MANSC

for the degree of Master of Science in Animal Sciences Major in Animal Sciences

Technical Coursework (26 hours)

  • ANSC 590 seminar series (at least 2 credit hours), and
  • ANSC 445, ANSC 440 or comparable statistics course approved by the program (at least 4 credit hours), and
  • At least 6 credit hours of a 500-level courses, and
  • At least 6 credit hours of 400 or 500-level ANSC courses (excludes ANSC 590, ANSC 592, ANSC 593, ANSC 440, ANSC 445), and
  • At least 8 credit hours of graduate- level courses (excludes ANSC 590, ANSC 592, ANSC 593, ANSC 440, ANSC 445)

Professional Development (6 hours)

  • ANSC 592 or ANSC 593 Research Studies
  • In consultation with their faculty advisor, students will select courses that support the individual research studies project and strengthen career opportunities. The individual research studies project or internship experience and a written report will fulfill the ANSC 592 (Advanced Topics in Animal Science) or ANSC 593 (Research Studies in Animal Sciences) capstone project requirement. The project or internship and the written product provide evidence that the student:

i) understands and can apply the scientific method;

ii) has the capability to analyze and interpret scientific information; and

iii) can effectively communicate scientific information in a field of animal sciences. The written product will follow the format and style of a peer-reviewed manuscript.

ANSC 590Animal Sciences Seminar2
ANSC 440Applied Statistical Methods I4
or ANSC 445 Statistical Methods
500-level courses6
400- or 500-level ANSC courses6
Other graduate-level electives 8
ANSC 592Adv Topics in Animal Science6
or ANSC 593 Res Studies in Animal Sciences
Total Hours32