Master of Accounting Science (M.A.S.) in Accountancy, Taxation Concentration

The M.A.S. program is a one-year program for students who have completed or are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. The Concentration in Taxation is one of the primary options available within the MAS program. 

Students in the Taxation concentration may pursue a second optional concentration. If admitted to a second concentration, the coursework for the second concentration may also count toward the graduate electives requirements for the MAS degree. Second concentration options include:

  • Data Analytics for Accountancy

  • Finance

  • Corporate Governance and International Business

  • Information Technology and Control

  • Real Estate

  • Supply Chain Management

ACCY 451*, Advanced Income Tax Problems, ACCY 410*, Advanced Financial Accounting, or ACCY 510, Financial Reporting Standards4
ACCY 551Corporate Income Taxation4
ACCY 552Partnership Income Taxation4
ACCY 556Tax Research4
ACCY 554International Taxation4
Graduate electives (students have the option to pursue one of the Concentrations open to MAS students).12
Total Hours32

*ACCY 451 and ACCY 410 are currently offered for differential credit (3 hours undergraduate or 4 hours graduate credit). Students in the Taxation option that complete both of these courses during the undergraduate timeframe will take ACCY 510 instead. 

Course substitutions may be approved by the Department of Accountancy.
Other requirements may overlap.

For additional details and requirements refer to the department's program information online and the Graduate College Handbook.