Master of Science in Taxation

This program is suspended effective Summer, 2018.

The Master of Science in Taxation (M.S.T) is an executive-style degree offered only at the Illini Center in Chicago. The M.S.T. is a one-year program for students with at least two years of work experience. The program begins in May and meets weekly on Friday afternoons and all day Saturday. Students applying for admission should have acquired a background in business and an accounting undergraduate major from an accredited college or university. Graduation requires 36 graduate hours of study that consists of twelve required courses delivered in three thirteen-week semesters.

ACCY 550Multistate Taxation2
ACCY 551Corporate Income Taxation4
ACCY 552Partnership Income Taxation4
ACCY 554International Taxation4
ACCY 555Income Tax Accounting2
ACCY 558Taxation of Closely-Held Bus.4
ACCY 559Tax Policy2
ACCY 556Tax Research2
ACCY 557Accounting Periods and Methods2
ACCY 561Taxes and Business Strategy4
ACCY 562Tax Procedures2
ACCY 563Consolidated Returns2
ACCY 564Reorganizations2
Total Hours36

Other Requirements1

Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 36
Minimum GPA: 3.0