Learning Outcomes: Jazz Performance, MMUS

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Music in Music, Jazz Performance Concentration

Students in the Master of Music program, with a concentration in Jazz Performance will:

  1. Develop performance skills at a high professional level, using creative and critical thinking to inform stylistic choices and artistic expression while demonstrating spontaneity and collaboration as appropriate, and will communicate their artistry to diverse audiences.
  2. Exhibit an ability to summarize, synthesize, and discuss disciplinary content in relation to their major area of study, and to communicate their findings, using appropriate academic conventions, in written, oral, notational, or performative form.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate methods for library-based musical research and scholarly writing, and a facility in handling print and technology sources. 
  4. Pursue specialized studies, to develop expertise and an ability to synthesize knowledge in areas of interest that enhance their required curriculum and/or professional goals. 
  5. In addition, some Illinois MM students will develop experience and expertise in instruction, pedagogy, and student assessment in one or more areas of musical study, gaining insights into studio and/or classroom teaching and appropriate methods of evaluation.