Heritage Studies Graduate Minor

for the Graduate Minor in Heritage Studies

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The Heritage Studies Minor (HSM) is pursued at the graduate level in a student's home department through completion of four courses (4 hours each) plus a culminating project arising out of normal coursework undertaken in consultation with the HSM Committee Head.


Admission for the Heritage Studies Minor (HSM) is contingent upon the approval of the home department. Students are admitted to the graduate program of the particular academic department in which they will pursue their Master's or PhD degree. A student interested in the HSM should clearly indicate this in the application statement to the University and, upon matriculation, should inform the HSM Committee of the intent to pursue the Minor and begin planning how to satisfy the requirements. The HSM Steering Committee reviews student progress in consultation with the student's academic advisor.  Students must be admitted to the graduate program of an academic department in order to participate in the HSM. Students already enrolled in one of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign graduate programs may also apply for admission to the HSM at any time, but are advised to do so in their first year of study.

There are no prerequisites for admission to the HSM other than admission to a university graduate program. The HSM does not require prior practical experience in heritage work for admission. However, the HSM will encourage students to obtain such practical experience during their graduate work at the University of Illinois.

Faculty Research Interests

The HSM courses offer broad coverage of different approaches to heritage theory and practice, including interdisciplinary perspectives from Anthropology, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture, History, Geography, Education, and other fields. Faculty work collaboratively with each other and across the globe, focusing on a range of cultures and time periods from prehistoric to contemporary.

Financial Aid

The Minor itself does not provide financial aid. Financial aid may be requested from the admitting graduate program of the particular academic department.

for the Graduate Minor in Heritage Studies

Heritage Studies – Graduate Minor

Take two from the following list:6 or 8
Heritage Management (4 hours)
Cultural Heritage (2 or 4 hours)
Cultural Aspects of Tourism (4 hours)
Additional course(s) from an approved list, chosen by the student and the H.S.M. committee head, must also be completed.4 or 6
Total Hours12

Other Requirements1

A culminating project (fulfilled by a project, paper, or design: choice is determined in consultation with the Minor's Steering Committee) is required.