Learning Outcomes: Landscape Architecture, PhD

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Landscape Architecture

PhD students in the Department of Landscape Architecture will:

  1. Research Skills. Develop and practice a variety of research skills. Students will design their research strategy; obtain and analyze evidence; develop evidence-based arguments; identify and evaluate the existing critical literature of the field; master languages in some cases, and in other cases master advanced computer programs.
  2. Communicate with Clarity. Develop and demonstrate the ability to communicate complex and original ideas through clear writing supplemented by graphic representations and delivered as text (dissertation), speech (lecture presentations), and image (PowerPoint to accompany lectures). Doctoral students will gain an advanced level of written, visual, and technical literacy.
  3. Original Research. Develop and carry out a major, original research investigation; develop it into an extended argument(the dissertation), the outcome of which might be a book, policy guidelines, a series of journal articles, or a patent.
  4. Design Research. Use ideas and methods from design research to explore questions that advance knowledge that supports design.
  5. Pedagogy. Demonstrate understanding of basic concepts about teaching and practice a range of instructional techniques in classrooms and studio contexts.