Learning Outcomes: Landscape Architecture, MLA

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Landscape Architecture in Landscape Architecture

Master of Landscape Architecture students will:

  1. Design Thinking. Use a variety of processes to discover and frame opportunities, generate multiple possibilities, evaluate and refine ideas, rapidly prototype and test your proposal, and share your ideas in a compelling manner.
  2. Communicate with Skill. Use a variety of digital tools to generate design proposals, test those proposals, and share your ideas with others.
  3. Tap into Existing Knowledge. Incorporate our best understanding of natural resources, environmental systems, human development, social systems, professional practice and professional ethics into your work.
  4. Technical Competence. Demonstrate the technical competence to translate design proposals into built work.
  5. Responsibility and Leadership. Develop and demonstrate a sense of responsibility to the land and the people for whom we design.