Architecture, MARCH & Architectural Studies, MS

Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Architectural Studies

The School of Architecture offers a joint Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)/Master of Science in Architectural Studies (MS in AS) degree program for students interested in pursuing both an M.Arch. degree as well as one of the concentrations offered through the MS in AS degree program. Completion of in-depth programs (e.g. Structures) will result in recording of the Concentration on the student's transcript under the MS in AS degree. 

Students interested in participating in the joint M.Arch./MS in AS degree program must complete a minimum of 82 credit hours of graduate work.

Students with no undergraduate degrees in architecture and participating in the M.Arch. 2+ degree program may petition to enter the joint M.Arch./MS in AS degree program upon completion of their required undergraduate courses.

The MS in AS degree is not a NAAB accredited program. The M.Arch. degree is a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) and has the STEM designation.