Learning Outcomes: Dance, MFA

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Fine Arts in Dance

The Department of Dance expects MFA candidates to conduct in-depth creative inquiries that culminate in the development of a personal artistic process and mission that are evident in the following contexts:

  1. Choreographing: Candidates will develop a distinctive choreographic research methodology and demonstrate skillful application in a performative context. This ideology must establish solid foundation for ongoing research and engagement that contributes to the global dialogue about dance and contemporary culture.
  2. Communicating: Candidates will develop the ability to express their choreographic vision and process in verbal and written language that is clear, cogent, and convincing and demonstrates analytical skill, critical thinking, awareness of historical context, and knowledge of contemporary culture.
  3. Moving: Candidates will demonstrate a commitment to movement investigation and practice that defines, advances, and sustains their choreographic vision.
  4. Teaching: Candidates will apply their research vision in clear pedagogic principles while fostering a stimulating teaching/learning environment.
  5. Career Planning: Candidates are assessed on their ability to develop innovative career strategies in order to advance their artistic mission in the field and demonstrate the capacity to implement these plans with professionalism in all the above contexts.