Bioinformatics: Computer Science, MS

The CS concentration for the M.S. in Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary degree that can be counted toward the Computer Science Ph.D.

CS 411
CS 473
Database Systems
and Algorithms
STAT 410Statistics and Probability II4
One bioinformatics course chosen from a departmental list of bioinformatics courses.4
One biological science course chosen from a departmental list of biological sciences courses.4
CS electives, chosen from a departmental list of CS electives.12
One additional 4-credit hour graduate course (may be from the bioinformatics or biological science categories above)4
Total Hours36

Other Requirements

Other Requirements and Conditions may overlap
A minimum of 12 500-level credit hours overall.
The Minimum program GPA is 3.0
All degree requirements must be completed within five consecutive semesters (only fall and spring semesters are counted).