Learning Outcomes: Special Education, EdM

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Education in Special Education

All students who complete a master’s degree in the Department of Special Education will:

  1. Students who complete a master’s degree resulting in teacher certification (e.g., LBS I or LBS II) or endorsement/credential (ECSE/EI) will demonstrate the acquisition of the knowledge and skills required to be competent novice special education teachers by meeting the indicators addressed in several sets of standards. These indicators are embedded in coursework, field-based activities, and other related professional experiences.
  2. Graduate students who complete the LBS II Multiple Disabilities or ECSE course sequence will demonstrate expertise and leadership in their respective areas of specialization by engaging in: a) collaborative leadership activities, b) mentoring other educators, c) practicing effective communication skills, d) acting as change agents, and e) advocating for learners with disabilities.
  3. Graduate students will expand and deepen their attitudes, knowledge and skills about evidence-based practices that result in improved learning and successful outcomes for students with disabilities.
  4. Graduate students will acquire the knowledge and skills to understand multiple research methodologies and how research is used to inform instructional practices with persons with disabilities by engaging in a capstone research project.
  5. Graduate students will become reflective practitioners who problem solve and change their practice to improve services provided to individuals with disabilities and their families.