Biomechanics Concentration -- Graduate

The Biomechanics Concentration prepares students for collaborative research across the disciplines of engineering, biology, and the sciences. Students must be enrolled in a graduate degree program from one of the participating Departments (Bioengineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Science and Engineering). The Biomechanics Concentration requires students to earn a B or better in each concentration course and complete at least 12 hours. Fulfillment of these requirements will be monitored jointly by the graduate coordinators in Bioengineering and in Mechanical Science and Engineering.

Current course options include:
Biological Nanoengineering
Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics
Biomaterials and Nanomedicine
Biomolecular Physics
Cellular Biomechanics
Alternate courses may be applicable to the Biomechanics Concentration pending joint approval by the Bioengineering and Mechanical Science and Engineering Graduate Programs.
Total hours required for the concentration:12
Courses taken toward this concentration will count toward the student's graduate degree.
Students must notify their department of their plan to pursue this concentration.
When choosing courses, students must work directly with their department to ensure that all degree requirements will be met.
Note that students who intend to complete both a Biomechanics Concentration and a Cancer Nanotechnology Concentration may only overlap one course between the two concentrations.