Journalism, MS and Business Administration, MBA

for the joint degrees of Master of Science in Journalism and the Master of Business Administration

head of department: Stephanie Craft

director of graduate studies: Brant Houston


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department office: 119 Gregory Hall, 810 S. Wright Street, Urbana, IL 61801

phone: (217) 333-0709

Students in this unit may choose to earn their major degree and simultaneously complete an MBA, with 12 fewer required hours than when pursuing both degrees independently. Students must be enrolled in the MBA program for three terms and complete all the requirements of their primary degree. Interested students should contact the MBA program and their major department office for more information.

Programs in Journalism

Undergraduate Programs:

major: Journalism, BS

major: Journalism, BS-MJ

minor: Journalism | Media

Graduate Programs:

degree: Journalism, BS-MJ

degree: Journalism, MS

joint degree: Journalism, MS and Business Administration, MBA

joint degree: Journalism, MS and Law, JD

The department does not offer a Ph.D. degree. For the program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy in Communications, see Communications and Media, PhD.