Business & Public Policy Graduate Concentration

for the Graduate Concentration in Business & Public Policy (on campus)

chair of department: Louis Chan

director of graduate studies: Martin Widdicks (MSF); Heitor Almeida (PhD)

director of admissions committee: Rakesh Bhatt


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department office: 330 Wohlers Hall, 1206 S. Sixth Street, Champaign, IL 61820

phone: (217) 244-2239

This concentration is available for on campus students.

Graduate Degree Programs in Finance


Finance, MS

optional concentrations for the Finance, MS: Accountancy, Business & Public Policy, Corporate Governance & International Business, Data Analytics in Finance, Information Technology & Control

Financial Engineering, MS (administered by Finance and Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering)

optional concentration for the Financial Engineering, MS: Data Analytics in Finance

Finance, PhD




Data Analytics in Finance


Business & Public Policy

Real Estate

Today’s business leaders must make strategic decisions in an extremely complex world. In addition to navigating the rapidly changing market forces in their industry, companies operate in an environment that is strongly influenced by regulatory and public policy considerations. Furthermore, our public sector leaders must also understand how market forces can help or hinder alternative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. The business and public policy graduate concentration is designed to provide graduate business students a framework for evaluating the impact of public policy on firms and the markets in which they operate.

The concentration is open to these majors in the College of Business but required of none:

Accountancy, MAS
Accountancy, MS
Business Administration, MS
Finance, MS
Technology Management, MS


Candidates will apply to the Department of Finance for admission into the concentration. Students wishing to be admitted to the concentration should consult with their program advisor before applying.

for the Graduate Concentration in Business & Public Policy

Complete 12 hours from the following list:12
Banking and Financial Regulation
Money and Banking
The Finance of Mergers and Acquisitions
Applications of Investment Banking Concepts
FIN 574
FIN 575
FIN 576
FIN 577
FIN 578
Total Hours12

Other Requirements

In addition to the concentration requirements, students must also complete the requirements of their major degree.