Learning Outcomes: Accountancy, PhD

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Accountancy

Learning Objective #1: Interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and attitudes

Students should possess sufficient knowledge of the economics and other behavioral science theories that are the roots of the accountancy discipline, knowledge of relevant accountancy research literatures, knowledge of the institutional features that characterize the production and utilization of accounting information, and knowledge of design and analysis methods necessary to conduct research in accountancy.

Learning Objective #2: Functioning as a competent researcher

Students should be able to design and conduct a research study in an accountancy related area and to write and present a research paper based on this study to the accountancy faculty. Students should demonstrate accomplishment of this goal in a research study other than their dissertation.

Learning Objective #3: Functioning as a competent educator at the undergraduate level

Students should possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to teach an undergraduate course based on a common course syllabus developed by a faculty team. These knowledge, skills and attitudes include planning and delivering a class lecture, planning and supervising class activities, and planning and performing assessments of student learning.