Public Health, MPH & Business Administration, MBA

for the degrees of Master of Public Health in Public Health and Master of Business Administration in Business Administration

Department Head: Kim Graber

Director of Graduate Studies: John Kosciulek

Director of Program: Justine Kaplan

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Graduate Office: Julie Jenkins

Graduate Office Address: 906 South Goodwin Ave, 112 Freer Hall MC-052, Urbana, IL 61801

Graduate Phone: (217) 333-1083

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Graduate Degree Programs in Community Health

Community Health, MS

Community Health, PhD

Health Administration, MS

Rehabilitation, MS

Public Health, MPH

joint programs:

Public Health, MPH & Business Administration, MBA

Public Health, MPH & Food Science & Human Nutrition, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Human Development & Family Studies, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Kinesiology, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Nutritional Science, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Social Work, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Urban Planning, MUP

The M.P.H. can be earned jointly with the Master of Business Administration, M.B.A. Joint degree programs provide the opportunity to complete two degrees in a compressed time frame. For students interested in blending their interests in business with a passion for public health, they can pursue the MPH-MBA Joint Degree Program. The student could apply for the joint degree prior to beginning their MPH or after completing the first year of the MPH program. To receive both degrees, MPH and MBA., students must complete a total of 108 hours of graduate-level coursework, including a minimum of 48 hours of public health courses and 60 hours of business courses. To satisfy the requirements of the Graduate College, students must be enrolled for at least three semesters  in each of the two programs within the joint degree. Additionally, the first two semesters of the MBA program must be taken consecutively beginning in the fall.