Learning Outcomes: Speech & Hearing Science, PhD

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Speech & Hearing Science

  1. Identify and hone a research area in communication sciences and/or disorders, mastering its scientific and theoretical knowledge base by reading and critically evaluating the literature and seeking learning opportunities with a network of interdisciplinary experts (both on and off-campus).
  2. Develop expertise and independence in conducting scientific research(including statement of the problem/hypotheses, design of the experimental method, collection of data, analysis of data, interpretation of results, and ethical conduct of research), in order to solve problems related to communication science and disorders; and in seeking funding for research.
  3. Develop expertise and independence in disseminating findings(oral & written) to the broader community.
  4. Develop long-term research goals, layout a plan to accomplish these goals, and determine an immediate career path (post-doctoral fellow positions, faculty position, etc.).