Learning Outcomes: Bioprocessing and Bioenergy, PSM

Learning Outcomes for the degree of Master of Bioprocessing & Bioenergy: Professional Master's Concentration

  1. Advanced knowledge in bioprocessing and bioenergy. There is no specific undergraduate major that focuses on either bioprocessing or bioenergy, so introducing the scientific basis for converting biomass to value-added products is the key component of the bioprocessing and bioenergy curriculum.
  2. Business: Introduce students with strong technical undergraduate degrees to business fundamental concepts such as project management, finance, and accounting.
  3. Industry experience that gives the students a realistic view of job opportunities and the hurdles faced by bioprocessing and bioenergy companies.
  4. PSM: ability to identify career interests, career path, goals to reach career aspirations, materials and knowledge for a successful internship & career search.
  5. PSM: ability to communicate science to a non-science audience; ability to work on a team.