Learning Outcomes: Animal Sciences, MS

Learning Outcomes for the Master of Science in Animal Sciences

The recipient of a Master of Science in Animal Sciences will demonstrate:

  1. Graduate-level understanding of essential concepts and approaches in the area of animal science specialization. The essential concepts will enable the graduate to secure a mid-level management position in industry or federal agencies or pursue Ph.D. studies and to advance throughout the professional ranks.
  2. Capacity to execute supervised thesis research including: a) understanding of the scientific method, research objectives, materials and methods, basic data analysis, and appreciation of the findings; and b) leadership on the implementation of essential research activities.
  3. Ability to effectively communicate essential disciplinary knowledge and thesis research findings in oral and written formats.
  4. Aptitude to advocate for interdisciplinary research and education efforts to improve food security, food safety, animal and human health and well being or environmental stewardship.