LAT - Latin

LAT Class Schedule


LAT 101   Elementary Latin I   credit: 4 Hours.

Grammar and reading for students who have had no work in Latin.

LAT 102   Elementary Latin II   credit: 4 Hours.

Grammar and reading of easy prose. Prerequisite: LAT 101 or one year of high school Latin.

LAT 201   Intermediate Latin   credit: 4 Hours.

Review of grammar; reading of easy narrative prose. Prerequisite: LAT 102 or two years of high school Latin.

LAT 202   Intro to Latin Literature   credit: 4 Hours.

Continuation of LAT 201, with readings chiefly in Latin poetic literature.

LAT 401   Survey of Latin Literature   credit: 3 or 4 Hours.

Advanced level readings in classical Latin literature. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. May be repeated for a total of 6 undergraduate hours or 8 graduate hours in separate semesters, if topics vary. Prerequisite: LAT 202 or four years of high school Latin.

LAT 411   Intermediate Prose Composition   credit: 3 Hours.

Practice in the writing of Latin prose. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: LAT 202 (formerly LAT 104) or the equivalent.

LAT 460   Medieval Latin   credit: 3 or 4 Hours.

Literary and historical texts in prose and poetry will be read in the original; the course will also cover patristic writings. Same as MDVL 460. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Two years of college Latin or consent of instructor.

LAT 491   Readings in Latin Literature   credit: 3 or 4 Hours.

Readings in authors or special topics chosen by the instructor from the entire extant literature in Latin. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Three years of college Latin or equivalent; consent of instructor.

LAT 492   Senior Thesis   credit: 2 or 4 Hours.

Thesis and honors. For candidates for honors in Latin and for other seniors. 2 or 4 undergraduate hours. No graduate credit. Prerequisite: Senior standing and consent of Classics Honors Program.

LAT 493   Independent Reading   credit: 1 to 4 Hours.

See Department of the Classics for information. 1 to 4 undergraduate hours. 1 to 4 graduate hours. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 8 undergraduate hours or 12 graduate hours. Prerequisite: LAT 401 and consent of instructor.

LAT 511   Advanced Prose Composition   credit: 1 Hour.

Practice in writing Latin prose, with special attention to stylistic questions.

LAT 520   Proseminar   credit: 4 Hours.

Alternating poetry and prose, concentrates on a major author from one of the following areas: epic, oratory, lyric and elegiac poetry, history, drama, philosophy, satire, or epistolography. Areas normally follow this sequence in successive years. May be repeated to a maximum of 20 hours if topics vary. Prerequisite: LAT 491 or equivalent.

LAT 580   Latin Seminar   credit: 4 Hours.

Research on special problems of Latin literature; required of all majors in classical philology. May be repeated if topics vary. Prerequisite: A Latin proseminar.

LAT 599   Thesis Research   credit: 0 to 16 Hours.

Guidance in writing theses for advanced degrees. Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated.