HDES - Human Dimensions of Env Sys

HDES Class Schedule


HDES 595   Res Sem Human Enviro   credit: 2 Hours.

Trains students to propose, conduct, communicate, and evaluate research in the human dimensions of environmental systems. Participants present and receive feedback on work in progress in formal seminars and in small multidisciplinary groups. May be repeated to a maximum of 20 hours. Prerequisite: HDES Scholar status or consent of instructor.

HDES 598   Special Topics in HDES   credit: 1 to 4 Hours.

Special topics in the human dimensions of environmental systems (HDES), with a focus on contemporary environmental and sustainability issues. An introduction course for graduate students who wish to explore the interdisciplinary studies offered through the Program in HDES. Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated in the same term to a maximum of 8 hours as topics vary. May be repeated in separate terms to a maximum of 12 hours as topics vary.