GSD - Game Studies and Design

GSD Class Schedule


GSD 101   Introduction to Game Studies and Design   credit: 3 Hours.

This broad survey course will provide students across campus an introduction to interdisciplinary game studies, covering both historical/social perspectives and game design. It will explore humanities, social science understandings of play, and the social contexts from which our games and gaming practices arise, as well as the development and consequences of gaming cultures. This course will serve as a broad introduction to issues covered in greater depth in upper-level courses available for students pursuing an Undergraduate Minor in Game Studies & Design.

GSD 102   Introduction to the Videogame Industry   credit: 3 Hours.

Designed to introduce individuals to the Video Game Industry, its history, current status, processes and future. It includes a survey of the positions and information about how to prepare to enter the Industry.

GSD 103   The Basics of Game Design   credit: 3 Hours.

Will introduce you to the tools and principles of game design, as well as the history of game studies and the maker movement. You will learn some of the introductory tools and techniques for rapid prototyping along with exploring games, their history, impacts, and design.