CHLH - Community Health

CHLH Class Schedule


CHLH 340   Health Promotion Practicum   credit: 3 Hours.

Preparation and presentation of lifestyle workshops to campus community groups. Practica selected from one or more of the following topics: chemical education, sexuality, stress management or campus acquaintance rape education (CARE). Same as SOCW 350. Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor.

CHLH 551   Health Administration Professionalism   credit: 1 Hour.

The overall goal of this course is to introduce students to concepts of professionalism and public service. These concepts will be utilized to directly prepare for the Applied Practice Experience and the Integrative Learning Experience. Both the Applied Practice Experience and Integrative Learning Experience are supervised and evaluated field experiences in healthcare settings of your choice. This seminar prepares students to formulate and identify meaningful practice experiences. Students will take this course twice during the first academic year of enrollment in the MSHA program. 1 graduate hour. No professional credit. May be repeated in separate semesters for a maximum of 2 hours. Required of all MSHA students during the first year of their program. Prerequisite: Restricted to Health Administration major(s).